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Group Piano Lessons

Want to learn piano in a group setting? The Academy of Music offers group piano lessons in one-hour sessions in which five to twelve students of similar age and skill level learn to play the piano together. Find out more here.

Instructor with students at piano

What Are Group Piano Lessons?

Group piano lessons are one-hour group sessions in which five to eight students of similar age and skill level learn to play the piano together. It is similar to the Suzuki Method in that the teaching is done in a group setting, but differs from Suzuki in that the students learn to read music right away. Students meet in a piano lab equipped with multiple digital pianos. Each student plays on a digital piano with weighted keys and uses headphones so that the instructor can listen to and communicate with each student individually. The instructor has the ability to listen to each student alone or combine two to five students so they can play songs together.

Instructor: Pam Sohriakoff

Advantages to One-hour Group Piano Lessons

  • Students are given time to work on what they learn during the lesson and are taught how to practice.
  • The hour gives the instructor more time to cover not only the students' pieces, but also music theory, improvisation, music history, note drills, scales, chords and ear training.
  • Students motivate each other and enjoy lessons because of the group setting. They feel the camaraderie of their peers, much like the band and orchestra experiences at school.
  • Students develop rhythm and ensemble skills by playing duet and group pieces with other students.


Group piano lessons are available to beginners with no previous piano experience. Students must be able to read and work independently. Adults are welcome!


Each student will play on his or her own digital piano with earphones. Students will learn to read music and play both solo and ensemble pieces in a variety of styles. The one-hour lessons will include scales and chords with music theory, improvisation, and ear-training. This is a great course for beginners wanting to start piano in a group setting. Students must have a piano or keyboard to practice on during the week. Practice outside of class is expected.


  • Group Piano 1: Mondays, 6-7 p.m., F2229 (Piano Lab)
    • 12 - Spring Lessons begin January 27, 2020 (no lesson on March 16)
  • NEW: Group Piano 2: Wednesdays, 6-7 p.m., F2229 (Piano Lab)
    • 12 - Spring Lessons begin January 29, 2020 (no lesson on March 18)


  • Spring Recital: May 4, 2020 6:00 p.m. - CANCELLED


  • $200/semester - Maximum Enrollment: 16

Book Requirements

All participants must order the following books:

Piano Lessons - Book 1 by Hal Leonard

Piano Theory - Workbook 1 by Hal Leonard

Piano Solos - Book 1 by Hal Leonard

Pamela Sohriakoff, M.M.

Adjunct Instructor: Piano, Collaborative Piano

Pamela Sohriakoff holds the Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from University of Minnesota Duluth....

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